Positively Penelope – Reading Diverse Books

Positively Penelope: A Day at the Races is a heartwarming tale that causes the reader to connect with the characters, to feel their joy and frustration, and celebrate the happy ending.

Book Review: Brandon Goes to Beijing

Brandon goes to Beijing is a sweet, family- and culture-celebrating adventure story written for young elementary readers. It’s the story of how Brandon and his family, including his cousins, go to visit his grandparents in Beijing and go on adventures to the major attractions in & around Beijing.

Gifted Kids Need Biographies

When we connect with people, even through their biographies, they can inspire and challenge us.
When we read about others with similar interests who go on to do great things, that makes us more willing to try hard things as well.

Nice Books for Nice Kids

We reach the “early chapter book” stage, and all of a sudden, we go from nice, friendly, stories about families supporting each other and getting along to this focus on everything annoying, mean-spirited, selfish, and disrespectful.
Here’s a list of good, quality, enjoyable literature in that upper elementary level (grades 2-4, primarily) that does NOT celebrate mean, catty girls or rude, potty-humored boys… but are still fun to read.

Books with Quirky Characters – Day 5

I promised a list of some of our favorite books with quirky main characters.

I’m always on the hunt for high quality books which feature characters who may seem not to fit in but are still loved and valued for who they are.