Responding to Abuse – how should we parent?

In the wake of the SBC report detailing widespread abuse of women and minors, and the subsequent coverup by those in power, of similar widespread scandals in gymnastics, on college campuses, the Catholic church, Boy Scouts, and unfortunately many other spheres, some still unknown, the question arises: how should we parent? We can’t protect our…

Math Practice Can be Fun

In our home, we’re using a variety of resources, including lots and lots of gameschooling and CTCMath to take the stress out of math time, especially when reinforcing the basics.

Favorites from 2020

This year was a tough year, and there’s a lot that all of us will be glad to leave behind. While it was very different than expected, there were some glimmers of light that came through, unexpected blessings and finds that made things a little better. Just for the fun of it, here were a few of my favorites:

Favorite Gameschooling Resources of 2020

We’ve spent a lot of time at home this year, and we’ve spent a lot of time playing games — gameschooling, primarily, but some just for fun. Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorite games of 2020:

Christmas – what’s important?

This year, in the midst of all the craziness, it feels even more appropriate to focus on how we embrace the season we’re in, make the most of it, teach our kids how to be adaptable, creative, flexible, and thoughtful.