Gameschooling and Sibling Cooperation

U-Build Monopoly, Snap Circuits, Playmobil and Magnetic Tiles have been taking over the floor of the living room. In all of these, the kids are involved in creative problem solving, negotiation, cooperation, and navigating social situations.
I’m constantly amazed at how much the kids learn and stretch themselves in the context of play.
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A Trick to Help with Difficult Transitions

Especially with strong-willed children, we can sometimes see a battle or refusal coming, and for the sake of all involved, it would be nice to have some magic words (other than a bribe) that get the kids moving and on their way.

You want to know what those secret words are, at least some of the time?

Here you go.

Some days are magical. Some are not. And that’s ok.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The kids were getting along well, thinking of others, and when we pulled out the sprinkler obstacle course we’d gotten at Aldi the day before, they played happily together for almost an hour, giggling and squealing with delight. We followed up with frozen juice pops on the deck, and all…

Spontaneous Generosity – can it be taught?

What we’ve been noticing more and more is that when our kids feel safe, protected, that they will be treated fairly, then they are more likely to be generous. When they feel threatened, they cling to what they have.