Math Practice Can be Fun

In our home, we’re using a variety of resources, including lots and lots of gameschooling and CTCMath to take the stress out of math time, especially when reinforcing the basics.

Smartick Math – a review

This isn’t an ad, a paid review, or anything related. My 6yo just finished a free two-week trial of Smartick Math, and we decided it isn’t the program for us. Recently, at least in the circles I frequent, there’s been a buzz about Smartick Math – how kids ask to do math, don’t complain, stealth…

Math in the Bath!

Tonight, in the bath, I gave my kids about 10 ping-pong balls and 3 small takeout-style containers.

Scooter Circles

So… the picture quality isn’t great, but you see those curved lines behind the scooter (aff link)? That was this morning’s math conversation. When you go straight with wet wheels on a 3 wheeled scooter, the center (rear) wheel is equidistant from the two sides. What happens when you turn? Is it possible to get…