Gifted Kids Need Biographies

When we connect with people, even through their biographies, they can inspire and challenge us.
When we read about others with similar interests who go on to do great things, that makes us more willing to try hard things as well.

3 Survival Tips when Parenting Gifted Preschoolers

The early years of parenting gifted kids can be tough. You’re probably sleep-deprived, frazzled, questioning your parenting skills, asynchrony is in full force, and all around you, people are telling you to “enjoy every moment” and to “let them be little”.
Meanwhile, you’re wondering what in the world you’re going to do with a 4 year old who reads a math dictionary for fun while his friends are playing pirates and house.

I am not a tube of toothpaste.

In my home, we’re thrifty. We try not to waste. We use things until they’re really gone, adding water to shampoo bottles, scraping out the rest of the sunflower seed butter with a spatula, and squeezing every last drop out of that toothpaste tube. All those things are fine and good. Here’s the problem, though:…