Bubble Fun

The weather’s been gorgeous recently, and the gypsy moth caterpillars have finally metamorphosed (and are being lured in by our pheromone traps), so we’ve taken the opportunity to spend some time outside, enjoying the relative calm that is our backyard. We’ve done a few related bubble activities that have been big wins with the whole…

Math in the Bath!

Tonight, in the bath, I gave my kids about 10 ping-pong balls and 3 small takeout-style containers.


A couple years ago, my then 4yo and I embarked on a playsilks experiment. I tend to get a crafty idea, make a bunch of them, get tired of it, and move on. (Afghans, mei tai baby carriers, felt Christmas trees, car seat canopies, I’m looking at you!) The playsilks were a similar project. We…

Spontaneous Generosity – can it be taught?

What we’ve been noticing more and more is that when our kids feel safe, protected, that they will be treated fairly, then they are more likely to be generous. When they feel threatened, they cling to what they have.

The “EWWWWW” factor

Gypsy moths and I do not get along. They don’t belong in North America. (true story) They’re gross. Hairy. And they eat the oak tree leaves. Last year, it was so bad that the deck was covered in feces that I had to sweep up on a daily basis, but we couldn’t eat or play…