3 Survival Tips when Parenting Gifted Preschoolers

The early years of parenting gifted kids can be tough. You’re probably sleep-deprived, frazzled, questioning your parenting skills, asynchrony is in full force, and all around you, people are telling you to “enjoy every moment” and to “let them be little”.
Meanwhile, you’re wondering what in the world you’re going to do with a 4 year old who reads a math dictionary for fun while his friends are playing pirates and house.

Bubble Fun

The weather’s been gorgeous recently, and the gypsy moth caterpillars have finally metamorphosed (and are being lured in by our pheromone traps), so we’ve taken the opportunity to spend some time outside, enjoying the relative calm that is our backyard. We’ve done a few related bubble activities that have been big wins with the whole…

Rules of Engagement 

Right after my twins were born, J, then 3, started driving me crazy. He’d ask for a certain activity. I’d manage to free myself from the other two to get him set up, help him get started, and then walk away. Almost inevitably, after a couple minutes he would lose interest and wander away, looking…

Address the Mess Without the Stress

Clean up time doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s a few things we’ve been learning about how to keep the stress out of the clean up process.