Easy Solar Eclipse T-Shirts

The eclipse is only 2 days away, and we wanted to do something to at the same time

  1. Anticipate what we’re going to experience with the eclipse (though we’re in a 70% zone) and
  2. Create something memorable to commemorate the event.

We’re not highly crafty, and I wanted a project the kids could really own.

So, we went to A C Moore & picked out shirts in whatever dark color they wanted and white fabric paint.

At home, we cut circles of various sizes out of a thick art paper (I used a rotary cutter) and tore up old cereal boxes to use as the inserts to keep the paint from bleeding through the shirts.

I used painter’s tape to hold the circles in place on the shirts, and put a bead of paint around the edge of about 1/4 of a circle at a time, direction towards the kids. They pulled the paint from the circle out onto the shirt for that quadrant, and then we rotated the shirts 1/4 turn & applied paint to the next section. We found that a cheap bristle brush worked best. 

All in all, for less than $5 a shirt, I’d call it a success.

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