Chain Reactions in Slo-Mo

This summer, one of our favorite go-to indoor activities has been building chain reactions, domino runs, Rube Goldberg machines – basically anything with cause & effect.

In addition to random household items, a set of double twelve dominoes we picked up at a thrift store, and a catapult,
we have been loving the Hape Dynamo Kid’s Wooden Domino Set. It was a birthday gift (last fall), and it’s out all. the. time.

It makes wonderful, stable towers that fall in dramatic ways.


It’s forgiving in setup & spacing, and includes some neat trick pieces, including a ball run, direction reverser, bell, and a little staircase. 

I love what it teaches the kids involving planning, fine motor control, patience, handling disappointment, spatial skills, and more, and they love building things to fall down, especially when we can film them in slow motion and watch again & again.

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