Asynchrony Day 2 – it’s not your fault

Asynchrony is a description, not a diagnosis. It describes these kids with intense internal drives to understand more, do more, know more, and how they interact with the world around them.

Fighting the FOMO: Rediscovering Wonder this holiday season

Our goal, at the end of December, is not for our kids to have felt entertained, spoiled, or pampered, but that instead they would have sensed, even more fully, what a gift Christmas is, what Love come down to Earth, is all about, and that they can take that with them in the weeks and years to come.

Rationing Learning – there CAN be too much of a good thing!

Sometime around when he turned five, we got to the point that he could handle higher level non-fiction texts. The problem was that he could actually “overload” on new information. His brain couldn’t process and synthesize that much at the same time, and so, like an overworked CPU on a computer, we started having issues. More frequent meltdowns, the inability to make eye contact, regression in social awareness and interactions.

Traveling with Intense Children – It Can Be Done!

We have 3 kids, two of whom have significant sensory sensitivities. We also have family scattered across about 20,000 miles, so we end up traveling. Long distances. With multiple children. And it works. Some days are rougher than others. International flights with nursing, stranger-anxious twin toddlers comes to mind. Being stuck in traffic going through…