Natural Innovators

This innovation, this ability to think outside the box, is a huge asset that will serve him well later in life — if we can figure out how to navigate these early years in a way that celebrates and channels his creative impulses.

It’s Not that Simple! – Big Emotions and Major Life Events

recently it’s becoming clearer that his unwillingness to approach these subjects is actually much more closely related to Emotional Overexcitabilities (OEs). He feels things so deeply that things which would, for others, be joyful, end up being excruciatingly overstimulating. The tooth fairy isn’t fun. She’s terrifying in the anticipation of when/what/how much.

Moving beyond “Why?” to “What If?”

A few months ago, J and I were reading a book about inventors. It began with the sentence, “Thomas Edison’s favorite word was “why”.” I almost closed the book and returned it to the library. There’s no way that was Edison’s favorite question. “Why?” implies a concrete, right answer. Why is the sky blue? Why…

It all started with a shadow

My 6 year old and I were waiting for the bus. The day before, we’d traced some shadows.

“Jeremy!”, I said, “Let’s check your shadow – see if it’s the same!”