It all started with a shadow

My 6 year old and I were waiting for the bus. The day before, we’d traced some shadows.

“Jeremy!”, I said, “Let’s check your shadow – see if it’s the same!”

He immediately ran over to check. Nope. Opposite direction. Hmm.

I started in, “That’s because the sun is over there. Yesterday afternoon the sun was…” I’d lost him.

In my desire to share some new tidbit of knowledge with my little guy, I rushed ahead of him, depriving him of the joy of making that discovery for himself.

And that got me thinking: How can we as parents and educators more intentionally create those moments of discovery for themselves?

That’s why I’ve created this blog – to look at how we can empower our kids and students to take ownership of their learning and to recapture the joy and wonder of discovery.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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