Last year, as I was bringing my kindergartner home for the summer, I knew that we would need some kind of guidance, at least for the first couple of weeks, to keep us from the “I’m bored!” “What can I do now” stage.

My then-five-year-old is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. If you give him options A&B, he’ll choose C. If you offer A-E, he’ll choose F, or a combination of the above. Because of that, I was careful to create a more open-ended document that we could use together.

We didn’t end up actually filling anything out last summer. Instead, we used the categories as starting points of different ways to think of productively going about the day.Summer Plans 2016

If this is helpful for you, great!

Am also attaching as a .docx file (Summer Plans 2016), in case you’d like to take this and modify for your own use. Enjoy! And happy summer!

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