Taking a Second Look

This evening we took our kids to an indoor light show.

It’s a huge event with a large expo area divided into smaller “rooms” and corridors to pass through.

The first time we walked through was great – taking in the wonder of the displays, finding those big focal point objects and expressing our delight at what we saw.

We thoroughly enjoyed it. And then we walked through a second time, this time challenging the kids to find one thing they hadn’t seen before.

To my surprise, instead of boredom or “been there, done that”, the kids took up the challenge, and they found multiple new things they hadn’t seen on the first pass. They were even more excited this time to find those hidden treasures and share those with each other.

On the ride home, I was thinking about how much that applies to life and everyday circumstances – the joy in discovering an overlooked detail, and how much we miss because we’ve already made up our minds about people, environments, books… you name it.

So my challenge for the day is the same one I gave my kids – to, in every circumstance, notice something you hadn’t seen before, and see where it takes you.

Merry Christmas.

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