Spaghetti, Playdoh, & Buttons – fine motor engineering


We had a nor’easter in town this Thursday, plus a full moon, and being stuck inside, by late afternoon, we needed a creative activity.

I’d seen a cool activity using Playdoh, spaghetti, and pasta and decided to modify it for my older kids as well.

I started out using Playdoh to stabilize vertical pieces of spaghetti, added a couple buttons and a crossbar, and showed the kids.

2 of them got into it right away, using small bits of Playdoh to suspend objects.

Overall, I was really pleased with the activity. It provided lots of motor planning and fine motor practice, required the use of two hands to stabilize, and because the textures were so different (brittle spaghetti, moldable Playdoh), they had to adjust their pressure and grip.

But it didn’t feel like work – it was fun building together, coming up with ideas, and seeing what was possible.

We’ll definitely try it again sometime!

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