Random Day in the Life

This isn’t our typical day, our ideal day, or a complete disaster of a day, but I found it worth recording. Hope you find something of value in it as well. We’re backing off on formal writing activities right now, and instead focusing on motor activities and executive function skills.

7:40 – J(7) wakes up & starts reading Life of Fred Math on his own

8:00 – J asks me to play Valence, a card game based on chemistry and molecule building. We play two games. During those games, both A(4) & E(4) wake up and come cuddle while we play.

8:30(ish) – the kids get their breakfast (with assistance if necessary)

9:00(ish) – clean up from breakfast, then the girls ask to play Go Fish (alphabet edition). We play 2 rounds, including a discussion of the probability of picking the right card and then keeping track (with J) of the probability of selecting a match during the 2nd round.

10:00(ish) – the kids organize their own game of Captain Midnight & play for a while. Somehow that morphs into running, which gets too wild, so I have to step in & help them cool down for a few minutes.

During this time, J and I discover that his sensory cushion can be used for disc bowling and spend a while rolling it up & down the hallway (coordination, heavy work), and his sisters then choose to join us.

10:30(ish) – the kids ask to play Mother May I. We play a couple rounds until it gets too silly.

10:45(ish) – we read a couple picture books of A&E’s choosing

11:00 – clothes on, get ready for the library

11:15-12:30 – library time – choosing new books, playing games there, interacting with other home schoolers

12:40 – reading/free time

1:00 – lunch (leftovers!)

1:30 – J’s created a game based on a coding book he was reading. We play a round.

1:45 – J reads picture books independently, A&E cuddle up with me to read library books together

2:15 – early baths for all 3 kids/free reading/play time when not in the bath

3:00 – Super Wings on Amazon Prime while I clip fingernails, brush hair, apply cream to dry skin, etc

3:30 – picking up the floor & helping vacuum

4:00 – free time – A&E are making ice soup on the kitchen floor. J got out the play money and is counting, organizing, grouping

5:00 – laundry sorting, putting away, helping with dinner prep

5:30 – dinner

6:00 – sitter arrives, prepared activity: building with playdoh & various pasta shapes, plus whatever they choose

7:30 – snack & bedtime routine

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