Gifted Kids and the Rejection of External Motivation

Every once in a while, though, a student came along who was so disenchanted by the educational system, so convinced that it was irrelevant, that he did everything possible to declare his independence.
By the time they got to me, at age 15, it was almost too late.
What can we do in the early years to help kids stay engaged and motivated so they don’t reject the system and end up failing out of school?

5 Steps to Learning a New Skill

Learning is a process. And as much as we want our kids to have learned, we want, even more, for them to know how to learn. To be comfortable with asking for help and being learners, in those messy intermediate steps.

Rules of Engagement 

Right after my twins were born, J, then 3, started driving me crazy. He’d ask for a certain activity. I’d manage to free myself from the other two to get him set up, help him get started, and then walk away. Almost inevitably, after a couple minutes he would lose interest and wander away, looking…

Testing their Limits

My husband and I are naturally cautious. Being attentive parents, our childrens’ first years were filled with “be careful”, “no touch”, and “let me help you.” It’s no wonder, then, between genetics and parenting style, that we have cautious kids who deal with some larger anxieties than normal. What we’ve been learning along the way,…